The Puzzle Pod™ The Puzzle Pod™ filled with puzzle pieces The Puzzle Pod™ filled with crayons
4-pack $14.95

This ingenius clear vinyl pouch gives kids a fun and easy place to store pieces to all their favorite toys!

  • reduce clean-up time
  • stop losing pieces to puzzles & toys
  • easily travel with toys & puzzles
  • kids have fun putting things away
  • safe, easy & durable
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Quantity: 4-pack
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2011 Winner, Seal of Approval
National Parenting Center

Ever spend a lively morning with your toddler putting together a puzzle only to find you’re missing the last piece? Tired of cleaning up after the kids when they’ve opened up four different boxes of games? How many times have you stepped on a tiny game piece?

Stimulating toys, like puzzles, board games, and coloring books & crayons, all have one thing in common...lots of little pieces that fall on the floor, roll under the couch, and somehow get lost in the shuffle. Which means endless days and nights of tidying up your home after playtime and searching for missing pieces.

There has to be something better...and now there is! Invented by a mother of two preschoolers, The Puzzle Pod™ is the the perfect solution: a clear vinyl pouch that’s just the right size for storing all those little pieces. And it’s so easy and simple that the kids actually enjoy putting away their toys!

The Puzzle Pod™...a simple storage solution for life’s little piles!

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